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Ephesians 6 Resources for Classical Conversations

bible_studyThis week will be our second week in Classical Conversations and I am still working on my schedule and memory work system.  To cover Ephesians 6, we plan to use the music that our director told us about at Lisamccannmusic.com.  She has broken the passage into two beautiful songs that make the verses easier to memorize.

We will also be using copywork for Ephesians 6.  I began using my membership in CC Connected over the summer and it has been a terrific resource for me.  Someone has posted Ephesians 6 copywork pages by week in print.  I was looking for cursive sheets and could not find any so I am in the process of creating them.  Here are the Ephesians 6 copywork pages in cursive for weeks 1-9.   I will be posting pages for verses 10-24 soon.

Ephesians 6:1-9 Cursive Copywork

Ephesians 6-10-24 Copywork cursive

If you want to make your own cursive copywork pages, download the cursive font at donnayoung.org.  You can make the print size larger or smaller by changing the font size, and you can connect the lines between words by using the “\” key rather than the space bar after each word.