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Columbus Day Lesson

Today we did a lesson on Columbus Day.  First we watched short DVD that we rented from the library called Columbus Day by Schlessinger Media. The video was about 12 minutes long and discussed the traditional view of Christopher Columbus (what I was taught in school) as well as the controversial issues surrounding him.

Next we used some coloring pages that I found online so we could compare the map of Columbus’s world to the map of the world today.  Katie colored both in and we reviewed the continents.

Then we went to a great website from BBC,  We reviewed the history presented on the page:  why Columbus is famous, his voyages, what he discovered, and how he changed history.   Then Katie took the quiz at the bottom of the page and played the Christopher Columbus game.  I was pleased to find this page because most of the resources I found online were geared for preschool kids.

I also found this great craft idea where you create a New World Map, and I am hoping to have time to add this into our schedule later this week.