Ok, Here We Go…Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 1

week 1

This is the board that our tutor uses to introduce new grammar each week in Foundations.

This was our first week of Classical Conversations.  Katie is in both Foundations and Essentials.

Each week in Foundations Katie will be memorizing a history sentence, a science fact,  an English grammar fact, Latin endings, geography, and math facts.

This week topics include: the seven biomes of the world, the 8 parts of speech, Latin first conjugation endings for present tense, Charlemagne, the 1’s and 2’s times tables, and the location of the continents and oceans.  This week in class the kids also did some drawing in fine arts.  In science they performed two science experiments and reviewed the scientific method.

Other topics that we will be working on this year in Foundations include a timeline of 161 events, memorization of the 44 US presidents, and memorization of Ephesians 6.

In Essentials this week we reviewed Charts A and B and learned how to do key word outlines.  The kids also played math games. Katie and I both enjoyed the first class, and our tutor is great.

I was concerned about how to integrate CC into our regular school week, and I think I will be tweaking our weekly schedule for a few weeks.  So far our schedule looks like this:

  • Four days per week: Review CC memory work, Saxon math, Essentials (I divide the EEL and IEW tasks for the week into 4 days), reading, Monarch Bible
  • Twice per week: Monarch Spanish lesson, History Prescripts (writing CC history sentences in cursive), preparing CC presentation, CC map work (identifying locations on maps and drawing world map)
  • Once per week: Foundations and Essentials class, Ephesians 6 copywork, typing program on the computer, art lesson in the Prescripts History Sentence book, review CC science card and timeline cards, Apologia Astronomy, Story of the World, dance class, guitar class, piano class, gymnastics class
  • Once per month: Home Art Studio project
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