Katie's Penguins on Ice Painting (Lesson 13)

Curriculum Review: Home Art Studio

Home Art StudioNote: We paid the full price for this curriculum and researched it on our own.   We are in no way connected to the company, we are only end users of the product.

We have been using Home Art Studio with Lindsey Volin for Third Grade all year and are nearing the end of the program.  We have two lessons left out of 16 at this point in the year.  We have been completing about two lessons per month.

Home Art Studio is a DVD based program for kindergarten through 5th graders.  First you  watch the DVD segment for the lesson that you are working on.  At the end of the lesson, you can pause the video on a picture of the completed project that you can then use for reference.  The DVD also comes with a pdf file that you can print off that gives written instructions for each lesson for the parents.  I printed this out as my lesson plan and just write the date on the lesson as we complete them.  A supply list is also provided.

Katie's Vegetable Watercolor Paining (Lesson 3)

Katie’s Vegetable Watercolor Paining (Lesson 3)

Projects included in the third grade DVD are paintings, drawings, stamping, and sculpting. Your child will use acrylic paint, water paint, oil pastels, Sculpey clay, colored pencils, and magic markers to create their projects.

Katie's Starry Night Painting (Lesson 8)

Katie’s Starry Night Painting (Lesson 8)

Katie has really enjoyed this program.  She has learned about different styles and types of art, been on a virtual tour of an art museum, and has seen paintings from famous artists in the lessons.  The DVD could easily be used for more than one child, and I think it would also lend itself well to multiple grades (although it is designed by grade level).

Katie's Cubist Vases Picture (Lesson 11)

Katie’s Cubist Vases Picture (Lesson 11)


1) This was an easy way for me to add art projects that include concepts like tint, shade, texture, overlapping and perspective (I am not an artist).  We are also learning about art concepts together since my public school art classes did not really stress any of this when I was a child.

2) The program can be used for multiple children and in my opinion, for multiple grades as long as they are relatively close in age.

3) Although you do need to buy art supplies, we will have enough left over to complete the 4th Grade program next year with the possible exception of paper.

4) The program is $25, which I consider to be very reasonable for a whole year of art curriculum.

5) You can take your time with each project. I would estimate that each project takes 1-2 hours from start to finish.  My daughter loves art, but was frustrated with her art class in public school last year because she did not have enough time to finish each project.

Katie's Penguins on Ice Painting (Lesson 13)

Katie’s Penguins on Ice Painting (Lesson 13)


1) I was a little bit overwhelmed by the supply list at first, especially as I tried to find everything at Michael’s.  Once using the product, however, I realized that I took the supply list a little bit too seriously and substitutions could have been made.

2) The supplies can be pricey, but you can use them with multiple kids and over multiple years, which helps.

Verdict:  We love it and plan to use the program next year for 4th grade.

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